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General Diving

For All Your Commercial Diving Needs

Osedax Diving Services LTD. will provide a safe and experienced team for all of your commercial SCUBA needs. We can mobilize to the location of any job site on the coast of British Columbia. From large scale industrial inspections down to moving organisms from a project’s footprint, we are able to facilitate your diving needs. Marine or freshwater environments are where we thrive.

We can build a team that matches any of the requirements or criteria for your project. Our specialists range from diving biologists, industry divers, environmental technicians and experienced vessel operators. No matter the profile required for a task, Osedax will put together a team that will get any project done safely and on budget.

Osedax also can be hired as a skipper and vessel if there is already a dive or scientific team that just requires a boat. See our “Research Vessels” tab to find which of our platforms suits your task.

From the onset of any project, we will work with you to obtain the results you expect. Give us a call or email and we can assist in figuring out logistics.

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