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About Us

Commercial Diving in British Columbia

Osedax Diving Services LTD. is a WorkSafeBC compliant commercial SCUBA diving company based on Vancouver Island. We specialize in biological surveys and assessments. Over the years, we have proven to be a truly safe and reliable, coast-wide operation. Our operations take us from the Vancouver Harbour, to the Central and North Coast and Haida Gwaii in all months of the year. We bring to the table experienced divers and biologists. Sound data collection strategies and resources for all scales of projects are our objective.  Our broad skill set allows us to bridge a large gap: we provide both excellent scientific data collection strategies, which are coupled with competent vessels, crew and state-of-the-art equipment.

The Oceans are changing, and we provide versatile and adaptable resources. A respect for the Sea forms the principle of our company. We value critical thinking and decision making, which is based on trusted scientific evidence and data collection. Building and fostering relationships with our clients is paramount to our success.

What Does Osedax Mean?

This is a question we often field, so here is the answer. Osedax is a genus of deep-sea bone-eating worms which feed on whale falls. They are an important part of nutrient cycling in the oceans, and are efficient at cleaning the sea floor of organic debris. Marine biology inspires us. Just as scientists strive to uncover new species of life beneath the seas, we innovate our techniques to provide the best diving services on the market today.

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